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How Great Plains Bank Trained its Employees to Enhance its Customer Experience



Oklahoma-based Great Plains Bank has served its customers for more than 100 years and is committed to providing a small-town customer service approach to its communities. To deepen customer loyalty and retention, the bank wanted to establish a consistent culture of service and excellence across its Oklahoma and Texas branches. The bank started looking for solutions to address communication, service delivery and efficiency challenges.

“Our customer experience varied from branch to branch,” said Lindsey Hopkins, chief growth officer at Great Plains Bank. “Having a consistent customer experience became difficult without cohesive training in place. We wanted every customer to receive the same high-quality service delivery regardless of the branch they visited. That entailed getting everyone on the same page and ensuring all the back-end processes lined up for a great customer journey, and what we found was that training was the biggest gap.”

Great Plains Bank has more than 300 employees across its 20 branches but lacked a centralized learning management system (LMS). Instead, trainers traveled to all the branches to provide a cohesive training experience. While this worked for a while, it became unsustainable because of the high industry turnover of front-line staff positions. It became extremely challenging to manage all the necessary training across all branches.

Hopkins said, “We recognized there needed to be some sort of daily, consistent training for our employees across the board to set a strong foundation of success for their job responsibilities. And then we were introduced to LemonadeLXP, an all-in-one learning experience focused on the human side of digital transformation. Our team was drawn to the company’s offerings because it included demos and product simulations for systems that are complicated and not user friendly. Additionally, LemonadeLXP’s use of micro learning enables employees to increase their retention of knowledge through short and repetitive bursts of learning. That was very impressive and looked like a great alternative for us.”

Great Plains launched LemonadeLXP, a comprehensive learning solution in a game-based environment and branded the platform as Great Plains University. Employees gained accessed to a variety of personalized bank courses, training tools and other resources to improve their knowledge. According to Hopkins, it was important employees had a strong foundation, so the first training courses focused on improving product knowledge. Employees started with a 69 percent baseline knowledge of the bank’s digital channels, but after using LemonadeLXP, the score rose to 93 percent.

Through LemonadeLXP’s platform employees at Great Plains Bank are now able to provide a frictionless customer experience. Employees have clarity on bank services and can efficiently and correctly cross-sell or refer customers to the appropriate department. Additionally, they were able to increase their confidence in their current role by practicing customer role-play scenarios on Great Plains University.

Hopkins said, “Any training content we launch through LemonadeLXP gets immediately gobbled up. Everyone is so engaged with the platform – from young summer interns to seasoned banking veterans. Because the platform is game based, it is so addictive to people and it’s been more effective than we thought to gain employee adoption.”

Now as the bank has transitioned again during Covid-19 and implemented safety procedures, Great Plains is able to couple LemonadeLXP with a mix of in-person training. A win-win for the bank as they can incorporate the human touch of training with interactive repetitive content that makes employees learn.

“LemonadeLXP is making things so much easier on our training staff because they’re not having to teach employees four years of college in one afternoon. The platform gives employees a baseline of knowledge so when our trainers are on site, they don’t have to start from square one. Now they can just dive deeper into hands-on practice and answer questions and discuss more complicated tasks,” said Hopkins.

Since the onset of Covid-19, the bank also launched Digital Academy, a LemonadeLXP add-on that provides bank customers with technology walkthroughs and simulations. According to Hopkins, as the lobbies closed and drive-thru lines became long, employees were able to suggest that customers turn to Digital Academy to learn digital processes and practice new technology without using or effecting their “live” account. The customer feedback was so positive, and many customers learned to deposit checks and other online banking procedures in a safe, mobile environment, which eased their anxiety.

Great Plains Bank started its training journey to focus on delivering consistent, excellent customer service by employees who know the bank’s processes and products. Hopkins concluded, “You know the customer experience is defined by your technology and your people. Digital Academy speaks to the user experience on the tech side, and LemonadeLXP speaks to the people part. With both features combined, we can ensure our employees have the knowledge to provide the high level of service our customers are demanding. LemonadeLXP truly is an outstanding training platform that delivers on its promises.”

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