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Member Support Services Hires SVP of Lending & Collections, Strengthening its Powerful Engine for CUs


CUSO Sees Innovative Opportunity to Improve CU Member Experience

Cranbury, NJ (October 28, 2021): Member Support Services, LLC — the credit union service organization (CUSO) helping the industry focus on serving its members through technology, operational efficiencies, and economies of scale — has hired Justin Hendrickson as Senior Vice President of Lending and Collections.

Hendrickson will champion the quality experience credit unions and their members deserve through efficient lending channels that use integrated, high-tech communication and conveniences. Implementing the industry’s latest best practices, innovation, and augmenting how credit unions interact with their members will underpin his new role in making MSS an even better choice for partnering credit unions.

“We’ll do what we’ve already been doing — but better and faster,” Hendrickson said. “We’ll keep the team focused in all the right places on member experience and measurable metrics that we can improve. That’s what our industry and the marketplace demands of us. We have to be an innovator.”

In the short-term, he will focus on deep-diving into processes, procedures, and policies and make sure they are aligned with MSS’s goals and vision. Working collaboratively with credit unions to update and redefine processes so the CUSO and credit unions can embrace a culture of constant improvement will be front and center.

“Longer term, I envision this model being a powerful engine for credit unions, because we will have this amazing opportunity to accomplish innovations that many credit unions cannot do on their own due to smaller resources and capabilities,” Hendrickson said. “In many cases, credit unions cannot make these improvements. But we can be their thought-leader to help them drive growth, increase scalability, develop a better member experience, and raise profitability using all the best practices we’ve built.”

The MSS model proved very appealing to Hendrickson, especially since the CUSO revolves around “making things better” for credit unions and their members. He says MSS has an opportunity to “shout its message from the rooftops” to other credit unions desiring the same benefits for serving their members.

Historically, credit unions were known as disruptive innovators in the financial services industry. Today, credit unions and other providers alike are facing disruption they never foresaw coming from outside the traditional arena. “It puts us in a unique space to reclaim our title,” Hendrickson said. “That’s exciting.”

He brings 22 years of financial services experience, with a unique and tight focus on member experience and lending. Overseeing both of these areas — individually and combined — has given him the opportunity to work as a “fixer of sorts,” where processes are enhanced, streamlining remains imperative, and credit union members receive a much more positive experience.

Hendrickson notes that he and MSS are first and foremost “in the people business.” That’s the foundation for his work ethic.

“That culture of constantly developing professionals and helping credit union members achieve their goals — that’s what we do together,” he said about MSS and its partner credit unions. “It’s a great honor and responsibility. I’m excited to see where our industry is going and thrilled to see what MSS can do to lead that charge.”

About Member Support Services, LLC (MSS)

Member Support Services, LLC (MSS), located in Cranbury, NJ, is a shared services Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) that processes middle- and back-office operations for its shareholder credit unions. MSS believes that collaboration is the hallmark of credit unions’ business model — and credit unions can leverage it strategically for efficiencies to help their members thrive! MSS creates operational efficiency and cost savings through economies of scale and standardization, while allowing credit unions to focus even more intently on serving their members. Shared services provides organizations the ability to launch more robust initiatives than they could have on their own, garner substantial operational cost savings, and reap a significant boost in negotiating power.