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Welcome to Vol One Number 1 issue of Bank BUSINESS


Hello, America’s community bankers, and welcome to the first issue of Bank BUSINESS “eMagazine”!  It has long been a dream of mine to bring the same kind of excellent business reporting which we’ve offered in Credit Union BUSINESS for 15 years and Branch BUSINESS for the past two years, to the USA’s banking community.

Our mission with Bank BUSINESS is to deliver the best “business” information to help you run your community bank.  Period.  What you won’t find in future issues of Bank BUSINESS is any gossip or politics.  We’re here strictly to help you with outstanding articles containing best practices in leadership, and lending, and marketing, and finance, and fintech, and all other departments to help make your bank as healthy and profitable as possible.

We’re also anxious to create an information exchange dialogue among our growing bank readership in the digital magazine and on our website.  A place where you can find answers and discuss the most pressing topics of the day.

In this inaugural issue of Bank BUSINESS eMagazine, I’m delighted to feature ALM First Financial Advisor principal Emily Hollis on our front cover.  I first met Emily in 1995 as she was setting up the firm’s first office in downtown Dallas.

I recall that it was during the summer and it as easily over 100 degrees outside in the “Big D”.  The office building was a tall modern glass skyscraper and once inside the lobby the air suddenly cooled down dramatically.  When I looked around and discovered the reason for the sudden temperature drop; an actual ice skating rink the size of a football field complete with scores of ice skaters.

Right from the beginning, Emily struck me as a cool person, too.  Her office was filled with empty and half empty packing boxes and she was unfazed by it all.  She seemed confident and eager to launch her new business.   And what a business she and her partners have built!  They currently manage $21 billion in investments among their 250 financial institution clients.   As you’ll learn from this “Leadership” article, Emily Hollis is a true leader!

Our editorial team has pulled together a good balance of articles to keep you informed and, hopefully, entertained.  Should you have any ideas or suggestions for future articles, please let me know about it.  I look forward to being of service to you well into the future!


Thanks for reading!



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