DeepTarget Creates An Immersive, Social Media-Influenced Experience to Financial Institutions





MADISON, AL., Aug. 3, 2020 – DeepTarget Inc., a solution provider that utilizes data mining and machine learning to deliver targeted communications across digital channels for banks and credit unions, today announced the addition of its new 3D StoryTeller to its Digital Experience Platform. 3D StoryTeller is a transformative, patent-pending 3D user experience that turns raw data into engaging and personalized “My Financial Story” user experiences for consumers on their digital banking platform of choice.

3D StoryTeller combines the intelligence and benefits of DeepTarget’sDigital Experience Platform with an innovative, 3D user experience, enabling financial institutions to offer their customers a truly unique and personalized experience. Social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and even Snapchat have demonstrated how to capture and share great visual stories that entice, engage, and entertain their audience.The popularity of such platforms and the visual capabilities have shown consumersthat they can have both a great visual experience and quickly skip to content that interests them.

“As a marketer, the biggest challenge is to get the user to engage,” said Michael Hostetler (pictured right), Assistant Vice President of Marketing, Crane Credit Union. “We’ve never seen anything like DeepTarget’s 3D StoryTeller and it will enable a richer, relevant conversation with our members.”

DeepTarget’s 3D StoryTeller enables bank and credit union customers to have a similar experience with their financial institutions, but with added intelligence to provide relevance. Meaningful messages are prioritized, inventoried and delivered uniquely to each financial institution customer/member in an immersive 3D format that compels customer and member engagement.

“This type of innovative technology is perfect for our new normal,” said Bryna Butler, Vice President, Corporate Communications, Ohio Valley Bank. “It will allow our community bank to deepen online relationship building efforts and deliver personalized financial insights at a level only previously offered by large fintechs. DeepTarget brings this technology to us in an easy to use, turnkey package.”

“The 3D StoryTeller experience is immersive, eye-catching and visually unique, said Jill Homan, President of DeepTarget. “When combined with the built-in intelligence of our Digital Experience Platform, it becomes a powerful game-changer. Imagine watching a unique and personalized story unfolding in a 3D visual treat every time you log in to your digital banking system! We have designed this solution to be a unique communication canvas for personalized financial stories that are engaging, relevant, emotional and entertaining – limited only by the marketer’s imagination. 3D StoryTeller will driveeven more loans, deposits and loyalty for our FI customers.”

Banks and credit unions can easily manage 3D StoryTeller as part of the DeepTarget Digital Experience Platform.The socialmedia-inspired platform is powered by data accumulated through years of customer service and can be enhanced with third party sources.

About DeepTarget

DeepTarget provides a single Digital Experience Platform for financial institutions to manage the complete engagement-to-results lifecycle across all digital channels, resulting in increased revenue, loyalty and trust and decreased costs. Their solutions help financial institutions connect with their customers with messages that resonate. DeepTarget’s intelligent digital marketing and sales solutions are used by hundreds of financial institutions to provide a seamless communications experience wherever, whenever, and however their customers bank. For additional information visit